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Do we know the real pleasure of falling? Behind this word hide multitudes of situations or to let fall can give us satisfaction. Fall in love, fall from the clouds, fall into decadence. In this play, five characters, five situations, five states and a thousand reasons that will make them give up everything. Passing through the absurd, evidence, ignorance or decadence, this piece projects the viewer to face everyday situations, societary, political, emotional and especially human situations where the fall seems obvious in a world that is fragile. and whoever at any moment can make us fall.

In the retention of not wanting to fall, we sometimes deny the fact that the error can exist, so in this universe 5 Dancers will face various situations or at any time the choice to fall or not to fall will hit them.

« UNTIL YOU FALL » is the new creation of Giovanni Zazzera, a piece for 5 dancers, which explores and addresses the theme of the fall of a human, societary and emotional aspect.

Dancers: Catarina Barbosa, William Cardoso, Hayato Yamaguchi, Alexandre Lipaux & Valentina Zappa

Scenography & Costumes: Dagmar Weitze

Dramaturgy: Thierry Raymond

Music: Nikola Jeremic

Light design: Nina Schaeffer

Production manager: Tessy Fritz

Production: Koplabunz asbl

Co-producers: Théatre municipal d’Esch sur Alzette & MKH-MierscherKulturhaus

Supports: Start Up Oeuvre Grande Duchesse Charlotte / 3CL

Work in progress:

Oudance festival 2018 – Oulu/Finland from 12th to the 16th september 2018

Trois CL Centre de création chorégraphique Luxembourgeoise – Luxembourg    3th october 2018

5th june 2019 at the MKH-Mierscher Kulturhaus Mersch (Luxembourg)
Other dates :
6th june 2019 at the MKH
8th & 9th November at the Théâtre d’Esch (Luxembourg)


Booking @ Kopla bunz a.s.b.l.: 
Tel.: +352 26440786
E-mail: tessy(at)koplabunz.com